To refurbish, restore or reform a home or office or any part thereof can be an exciting and enjoyable process filled with opportunities to not only add value to your property, but also to increase the beauty and functionality of the different spaces available.

Anthony Walton's Construcciones RestorationsHome reform can have a number of meanings and interpretations, from something as simple as a newly decorated room to something more elaborate like, new electrical installations or infrastructure, new plumbing, overhauling of the heating system or of the entire aesthetics of the property. Each refurbishment has different requirements. Some require more elaborate construction work as interior walls or workspaces are removed or modified to add space or to increase the amount of light in a room.  Others have simpler requirements. Should your refurbishment require minor or major building work, it’s more than likely that building control approval or a party wall agreement will be required.

We can advise you and help you to inform the building control officer from the local council about any refurbishment undertakings in order to ensure a smooth and faultless process. Also, should your property be joined to another building, house, or office and the work involved is substantial, then you will require a party wall agreement with the neighboring party. Anthony Walton Construcciones can help you through the entire process, from planning, to permits, to completion.

Some of the more popular refurbishments:

• Stone work facades
• Sandstone window and door lintels and posts
• Stone flagging
• Sandstone or stone  pillars(one piece)
• Wooden beamed roofs with cane ceilings
• Wooden beamed roofs with ceramic ceilings
• Old or antique doors and/or windows
• Dry stone walling
• Roof tiled porches


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