Welcome to Anthony Walton Construcciones. Whether you need to restore, expand, rebuild, add a pool, build a structure or property, Anthony Walton Construcciones is there to complete your vision. We build your dreams.

Anthony Walton arrived on the island of Majorca and never wanted to leave. His love for the island and the experience of building his dream and staying in Majorca helped him establish Anthony Walton Construcciones, a full service construction company. For the past 20 years Anthony Walton Construcciones has been helping people build their Majorcan dream homes, or turn their current one into something greater. We ensure that the contracts we undertake are managed to the highest standards, coordinating with architects, structural engineers, interior designers and council officials. Our jobs are micromanaged to perfection and the client informed of all progress promptly in order to maintain the highest levels of satisfaction.

At Anthony Walton Construcciones, we know and understand the difficulties of achieving your dreams, especially during times of financial hardship, as Europe and especially Spain have been experiencing, but difficult or not, we pride on being upfront about all costs from the beginning of any project. It’s our standard policy to exclude any hidden charges, remaining highly aware of your budget and whatever constraints it may have, and maintaining reasonable prices.

We are a highly experienced building and construction company, priding ourselves on having the highest levels of performance excellence, quality workmanship, personalised customer care, and budget efficiency. We are proud to be a customer driven building company, and believe that your satisfaction is paramount to our success. No matter how large or small a project may be, we’ll give you 100% of our effort to ensure its excellence and success. Our quotation and estimates are always completely free and we will visit your property or location as many times as is necessary before starting any work to make sure you are satisfied and are well informed as to what to expect and how much everything will cost.

Anthony Walton Construcciones has over 20 years of experience, so you’ll always be kept informed of your project’s progress, providing insight and expertise on any changes or improvements which we feel may be of benefit to you or may affect the work or schedule. We are a Majorca based company and our offices are located at PLA DES COSET 8, CAPDEPERA 07580. We are open Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm.

We welcome the opportunity to listen to your ideas and help identify your needs. Remember that at Anthony Walton Construcciones, you’ll never pay for a quote, so give us a call.

Thank you for your visit. We’re anxious to help you build your dreams.

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